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Super Women Profiles: Tracy in Cambodia


Tracy Pedicure Cambodia

Photo credit: Linda Swanson

We've gushed about this before, but we're so excited to partner with Linda Swanson and her many travels across the globe giving much needed restoration to humanitarians serving communities even in the most remote, impoverished places. She has met with so many everyday heroes during her journeys and we wanted to share them with you. Learn more about Linda's work on our Give page. Check out Linda's story about an incredible woman "Tracy"* who is working for the children of Cambodia. 

When I met Tracy, she was 26 and looked like what you would expect of someone who was from San Diego, California. Beautiful, blond, athletic. As she sat in the chair in front of me, I bent to lift her feet into the small tub of water for her pedicure. I hoped I didn’t gasp out loud as I placed her feet in the warm water. Her feet were the feet of an old woman. They were dry and wrinkled, impacted with well-worn in dirt. As I began to gently bathe her feet, she told me that she lived and worked in a slum in Cambodia. Her small room didn’t have water or electricity and when she would go about her work during the day, she carried a water bottle with her to collect any water she might find during her rounds so that she might clean herself just before going to bed. Her work? She was tasked with getting to know the destitute families in the slum and assessing who might be at risk of selling a child to the traffickers. My tears fell into her soaking tub as she recounted stories of families desperate for their basic needs who felt they had no option but to sell a child. My new friend gave them hope and found other means to provide for their families.


*Names have been changed to protect the identities of those who often do work undercover. 

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