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A Summer Lost in Thought

Photo Credit: Brent Gorwin When I look back to my childhood, I knew that summer vacation was around the corner when the teachers started rolling in the metal TV stand in front of the classroom. The un-airconditioned room would go dark and then the VCR would start a recording of Cats -- the Broadway musical, always.  It wasn’t Rum Tum Tugger gyrating on the small screen that built the excitement and sense of relief that I could viscerally feel in my mind. Instead, it was the hope that the school year would soon pass and more languid days laid ahead.  As an adult, I’m somehow always disappointed this time of year that working professionals don’t have summer breaks. Some of...

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First Week Back of 2021

  Photo Credit: Priscilla Du Preez (IG: @andyourstorycontinues) The best thing to do the first work week of the new year is to fly stealth. Pause the notifications on Slack (which was down universally on Monday, by the way, sending all the digital worker bees into a frenzy) and move any and all external meetings. Monday and Tuesday was like a warm up jog, slow and steady, tricking me into thinking, "Yeah, I can do this. Be productive without being stressed. This will be the new me." Except on Wednesday, many folks like me in the U.S. spent the afternoon with a live stream of George Stephanopoulos covering the terrorism unfolding in the Capitol Building on our second monitors or in a small window in the corner...

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